Below you will find a compilation of tools and fun-stuff I have made, as well as a list of my favourite apps and services made by other people. I’ll update this page as and when I discover or make new things. You might also want to keep an eye on my GitHub.


Ditto is a Photoshop extension that allows the use of variables in your PSDs. More info → was a collaborative side-project with Thom and Davey that gives people looking for a Dribbble invite a place to showcase a piece their work in the same format. Visit the website →

Save in Ember Chrome extension

A simple Chrome extension that adds a “Save in Ember” button next to Dribbble shots. More information on how it works can be found in this blog post. Download →

Interface Tools panel

I made this custom panel to have all the tools I use most frequently in one place. More information about what each of the functions does can be found here. Please note that it requires Bjango’s actions as well as Photoshop CS6 or older. Download →

Sublime Text replacement icon

Download →

Apps & Services

  • 1Password: Logins, notes, passport info et cetera. 1Password has kept it all safe for me for many years now.
  • Albums: My favourite music player on iOS and certainly the best looking one I’ve come across.
  • Backblaze: A simple set-it-and-forget-it unlimited online backup service.
  • Dark Sky: What it lacks in UX it makes up for with incredibly accurate weather predictions.
  • Drafts: Most of text that gets written on my iPhone starts life in Drafts.
  • Dropbox: Keeps all of my files in sync across all of my devices.
  • Editorial: My favourite markdown editor for iOS.
  • Fantastical: My favourite calendar app for iOS.
  • Framer Studio: I have tried a lot of the different prototyping tools out there. Framer was the one that stuck for me.
  • ImageOptim: 9 PNG, JPEG and GIF compression algorithms mashed into one handy little app.
  • iStat Menus: I love the fuzzy clock.
  • Overcast: By no means the best looking podcast app available but it’s Smart Speed feature has saved me 20 hours to date. That’s a tradeoff I can live with.
  • Paste: An excellent clipboard manager with a great UI.
  • Photoshop: My interface and icon design tool of choice.
  • Pinboard: A bookmarking service that does one thing well.
  • Reeder: I’m one of those people who still loves RSS. Reeder is my favourite client for Mac.
  • Skala Preview: Enables me to preview designs across all my devices without leaving Photoshop.
  • Slack: Our chat room service of choice at Realmac.
  • Sublime Text 2: An incredibly powerful and customisable code editor.
  • Typekit: My first port of call for webfonts. It’s integration with the Creative Suite is excellent as well.