Zorana Gee introduces Photoshop’s new Design Space

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

I had a quick dig around Design Space after it was introduced in the CC 2015 update but found it far too limited to do any actual work and soon switched back to Standard Photoshop.

The limitedness of it wasn’t unexpected, there’s a reason it’s hidden behind a “Technology Previews” checkbox in the preferences. I am however looking forward to seeing how quickly the Photshop team can push this forward and get it to a stage where it can be used for production work. It looks like there are some features in there that, once integrated into a real workflow, will be fantastic time-savers (when my muscle memory has adapted).

In this video, Zorana Gee—a Senior Product Manager for Photoshop—gives a quick run through of the Design Space, some of the new features and interactions that have already been implemented and a brief explanation of the thought process behind the project.

From the video’s description:

For the first time ever, Photoshop is releasing a feature at the beginning of the development process (long before it’s finished) and shipping it as a Technology Preview so that you can give us feedback, and we can develop it to specifically meet your needs.

As I said before, I like this Adobe.

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