Twitter as an ephemeral chat service

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Brent Simmons has joined the ranks of those who delete their tweets after a short time period, morphing Twitter into an ephemeral chat service.

I have a number of good reasons not to like Twitter: how poorly it’s treated third-party developers (some of whom are my friends); how it’s become the bright and shining home of bullies, outrage, and the mob mentality; how it’s fallen in love with TV and celebrities; how it’s turning into yet another way to show me ads.

But those aren’t my reasons for deleting my tweets. Instead, it’s because Twitter is a blogging (or micro-blogging, really) service that doesn’t meet my requirements, which are:

I should be able to host my content using my own domain, and

I should be able to move to another service (or to my own server) without anybody noticing the difference. (Links shouldn’t break, etc.)

I like the idea of making tweets less permanent and if I still used the service, I’d try this too. If it’s something you have been considering, former Twitter employee and current tweet-deleter Robin Sloan wrote a script to automate the process for you.

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