The Theory of Everything

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

“While there is life, there is hope.”

I feel pretty confident in assuming that 100% of the people who wind up reading this will have heard of Stephen Hawking. The Theory of Everything is James Marsh's new(ish) film, based on Hawking's ex-wife's memoirs: Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.

A young Stephen Hawking at Cambridge played by Eddie Redmayne

The film looks at the relationship the two of them formed whilst students at Cambridge and follows Hawking as he grows ever more prominent in the world of physics yet progressively worse in body. It's an incredibly powerful story of overcoming the challenges life throws at you to go on and accomplish great things.

I watch my fair share of movies, yet not since 2008 when Heath Ledger was The Joker can I remember seeing a character portrayed as well as Eddie Redmayne's Hawking. Take a bow Eddie.

I cannot recommend this film enough, it's right up there with my all-time favourites. ★★★★★

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