The first 6TB SSD will be available in July

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Matthew Humphries on

It’s the 6000M SSD that’s the most interesting, though. It will use 15nm flash memory to offer 6TB of storage while retaining the 2.5-inch drive footprint. Read speeds are expected to be 540MB/s and write speeds of 520MB/s, which is typical of any high-end 6Gbps SATA SSD today.

The drive in question will be made by Fixstars. It’s 1TB counterpart will retail for $820 so I shudder to think what the 6TB version will cost.

If you’re still using a hard drive, I’d highly recommend you switch to flash storage though. The lower storage capacity ones are pretty affordable these days and you’ll see a huge performance increase both generally and for Creative Cloud apps

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