The battery life of Apple's products

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Marco Arment on the battery life of Apple's products:

Design is about making difficult decisions and trade-offs. Longer battery lives would make some of the products thicker and heavier, and not everyone would accept that trade-off. But today, everyone who wants an Apple product needs to accept the opposite: thinness and lightness that some of us didn’t need, at the expense of battery life that many of us could’ve really used.


It’s great that Apple pushes thin-and-light boundaries so aggressively on many of their products, but I wish it wouldn’t be the only choice they offer on all of their products.

I definitely fall into the category of people who would rather have thicker devices and more battery life. When I got my iPhone 6, I bought a case for it not because I was particularly worried about it getting damaged (I tend to be fairly careful with my devices) but because it's so unpleasant to hold without one. The device would be so much better in my eyes if those extra millimetres added by the case were put towards a larger battery instead.

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