Phil Schiller on the Talk Show

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

If, like me, you missed the live feed of John Gruber’s Talk Show interview with Phil Schiller, you’re in luck. Gruber made the audio version of the podcast available this morning and it’s excellent. Required listening.

He asks Schiller a lot the questions we’ve all wanted to ask Apple recently and, although not all of the answers are 100% satisfactory (namely the ever-persistent 16GB model iPhone—if they envision the cloud as the future then why does iCloud storage still start at 5GB?), it’s nice to have someone actually from Apple on the other end of the mic for once.

Consistent with this years dominating WWDC theme, privacy was also touched on. I particularly liked this quote from Schiller:

We think we can deliver great experiences whilst protecting user’s privacy.

It remains to be seen if this’ll be the case in iOS 9 and El Cap but they’ve put so much emphasis on it, I’m very hopeful.

✚ If you’d rather watch a video version of the interview, it “will be coming in the next day or two”.

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