Posted on by Elliot Jackson

John D. Boswell runs one of the best YouTube channels I’ve come across in a long while: Melodysheep. He takes ordinary videos and TV series (everything from Robin Williams to Game of Thrones), pairs them with some music and—with the help of a lot of auto-tuning—remixes them into songs.

I found the channel via this CREATIVITY & MAGIC : Photoshop remixed video he did recently:

Most of his work builds song lyrics out of the voices in the source material, my favourite one so far though—Our Story in 1 Minute—is wordless:

John is also the man behind the very popular Symphony of Science series which remixes scientific lectures and documentaries, all whilst keeping them educational.

With 276,766 subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing this and plenty of videos with over a million views, he’s not exactly unheard of. But, if like me, you’ve never seen his work before then you’re in for a treat.

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