Battery powered homes are coming

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Musk is at it again. During Wednesday’s Q4 earnings call, he said that Tesla are working on a consumer battery pack for the home.

Toyota’s Mirai (shipping in Autumn 2015) will allow you to remove the battery from the car and power your home with it for, reportedly, up to a week. It sounds like what Musk has planned is much more purpose-built though.

If priced for the mass-market, two huge benefits of this battery immediately come to mind:

  1. Cost cutting: For people who live in an area that isn’t monopolised and has peak tariffs, charging this battery overnight and running their house off of it during the day would help save on bills.
  2. Emergency electricity: It would prevent a lot of people who live either in a remote area or in an area frequently hit by heavy snow, flooding or high winds being stranded without power.

Musk said that the production of the battery could begin in six months. This’ll be an interesting technology to keep an eye on.

h/t: The Verge

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