All of the time and everywhere

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Sarah Parmenter wrote a piece recently about how she has reorganised the ways in which she manages communication with the different people in various parts of her life to reduce anxiety. More than the changes in management though, I found this observation about how accessible each and every one of us has become these days particularly interesting:

Then mobile phones hit the scene. I still remember my first ever mobile, the Motorola C520. Texts were extortionately expensive, and phone calls meant you had to sell a kidney. We used them in a very different way and with far more intent than we do now. The constraint on price meant we were always conscious of our time on them.

I’m making it sound like I’m a dinosaur who’s unhappy that technology moved on, but let’s face it, I wouldn’t be doing what I love without them. I adore them and still sit in awe of this device that sits in my pocket, but I think we’re missing a crucial element.

Our social circles got blurred and we set the limited access to ourselves to “all of the time” and “everywhere”.

It’s all about access.

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