Adobe and Metal for OS X

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Brianna Wu has written an interesting piece on what Metal for OS X means for games and those of us who use system intensive software:

After Adobe's spotty track record with Flash, it's easy to be suspicious at the company's ability to produce applications optimized for Apple's hardware. But when the company stopped by Apple's State of the Union presentation to show off how Metal has improved both After Effects and Illustrator, I was really impressed: After Effects rendering in particular showed a drastic improvement.


The devil is obviously in the details, and we'll see how Metal holds up in the real world when El Capitan rolls out this year. But, from everything I've seen at WWDC so far, Metal is the biggest reason for creative professionals to be excited, and I can't wait to start developing for it.

Whilst it seems that they have only ported Illustrator and After Effects at the moment, Adobe has announced that it will be adopting Metal for all of their apps. Photoshop and Illustrator have more or less run smoothly for me for a good few months now, you won’t hear me complaining about performance increases though. Especially if they’re anywhere in the range of After Effects’ 8x improvement in rendering.

Ever since Adobe adopted a regular release cycle with Creative Cloud instead of yearly releases, it feels like the company has come back to life. I like this Adobe.

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