A year of refinements for OS X and iOS

Posted on by Elliot Jackson

Whilst I highly doubt that this year’s WWDC will result in refined versions of the operating systems with few-to-no new features, it’s certainly something I’d love to see. Stephen Hackett is by no means the first person I’ve heard express the same hopes either:

It’s interesting to think about what a Snow Leopard moment for iOS could look like. Apple could tidy up the new features in iOS 8, and polish the rough bits, turning iOS 8 into a mature mobile operating system not a mere rung in the iOS ladder to the sky.

Likewise, I’d be fine with OS X slowing down a bit. While the yearly release cycle keeps things fresh — and in step with iOS with features like Continuity — but it feels like just about the time each version of OS X gets good and stable, a new version comes down the pipe.

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