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Emily's Oz

Not being a US resident, I’ve never had any first-hand experience with Comcast. I have however read plenty of articles about them, none of which have been positive. I was, therefore, unsure what to expect from Emily's Oz.

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Chrome for iOS' new reload / create tab / close tab interaction

The Chrome team have taken the traditional pull to refresh gesture a step further in their latest update to the iOS app. Pulling down from the top of the page now gives you 3 options, create a new tab, refresh the current tab or close the current tab. The 3 are very easy to navigate between, simply move your thumb to the left or right to choose create or close. Refresh is in the middle and selected by default.

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Collapse folders and styles after running Bjango Actions

Running any of the scale actions in Marc Edwards' wonderful Bjango Actions leaves all of the folders and layer style summaries open in the layers panel. Instead of always collapsing them manually, I just made a short addition to the end of each of the scale actions. They now collapse everything but the group layer style summaries 1 for themselves once everything has finished scaling. You can then quickly collapse the layer style summaries for all groups by atl-clicking on one of the toggle arrows (unactionable). You'll have to be running Photoshop CC for this update to work.

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